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I have created a new version of the Face Mask Template.  You can see it here.  This template uses one template for both Part A and Part B of the Face Mask.

See how to use the new template by clicking HERE.

Template is 1/8″ thick.

Part A creates face mask pattern, part B is the optional filter pocket.  Price includes shipping. I


Additional information


Acrylic, Wood

74 thoughts on “NEW! Face Mask Templates

  1. Dinah Pitre Stallings says:

    I just saw your video It was great very clear and understandable .When or if these templates come available I would like a set . I am sewing for people who have the virus and there family. Also contacted or hospital , dr office and pharmacy . Thank you for making these . Do you except pay pal for payment
    Thank you Dinah

  2. Sharon says:

    Good morning,
    I have used your pattern to make masks to donate to my hospital and husbands co workers (construction field) I would like to purchase the acrylic template once available.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Deborah says:

    Hi Lorrie,

    I have been using your PDF and YouTube video to make masks for my family. I am interested in the acrylic templates, but I know you have many requests. Maybe you could tell us how you make the templates, so some of us could give it a go.

  4. Rika says:

    Hi Lorrie! Thanks for doing this! Is there a way you can do a post on your Instagram once these are available that way I can be notified without you having to email everyone as I follow you there! Im making masks for soldiers and these are so great and handy! I hope that you are staying healthy and safe!

  5. Jeannette Bossard says:

    Hi. I realize you are out of acrylic. I would like to order two sets of the templates and filter ones in both adult and child sizes. A friend is working with me to make these. Not for profit, but I am happy to pay to have these.
    Wondering if you can bill me for them via PayPal – my PayPal is associated with my email address.

    Thank you
    Jeannette Bossard

  6. Vickie L Smith says:

    I am interested in purchasing the templates for the masks . Can you please contact me when
    your receive more acrylic. I would like to order one set.
    I am also looking in possibly purchasing a Cricut but not before May or June. If I may ask which
    Cricut do you like? This is all new to me. Thank you for your help. Have a Blessed day!!
    Respectfully, Vickie Smith

  7. Margaret Heath says:

    I really would love to purchase one of your new, easier templates for facemasks.
    I believe they are sold out.
    Any idea when you will have more for purchase?
    Thanks so very much for what you are doing for our community!
    I am making masks for the Deputy Sheriffs in my area

  8. Angelita Woodworth says:

    I would like to buy 3 sets of the mask templates. How do I pay for it? Is it $8 for a set?

    I just finished ironing 2 large pieces of materieal from my stash. Getting ready to iron the yardage for the pockets. . I am anxiously waiting for a resupply of your pattern for the masks.
    I enjoyed watching your tutorial on how to sew the mask. It is a simple no-nonsense approach anad much fun to boot.

    Many thanks
    .Angelita Woodworth

  9. Phyllis Brucker says:

    Can you tell us the time you list the mask templates in your shop -I have been trying to get it for weeks -never there at the right time. Thank you ❤️

  10. Teresa says:

    Hi, can you tell me what the size of the template is. I need to make the adult small and one for a women. And do you know when you might have more available.

      • Connie Grzembski says:

        I am having trouble finding the adult small and the teen size downloadable pattern. All I can find are the adult med/large and the medium child. Are there multiples in each size category? I can only see one pattern on each option.

  11. Malu Aguayo says:

    Hi Lorrie, I don’t know that I will ever get to be one of the lucky ones to be on your website at the time you post the templates, but I do have a question/suggestion, I saw your tutorial about cutting both pieces (A and B) out of one pattern piece and think that is brilliant! Maybe if you did a one-piece template it would be cheaper to ship, and you could offer twice as many templates (and then maybe I would have a chance of getting one!)

  12. Christina Hofman says:

    Literally JUST received notification that you had them available, apparently 6 hrs after it was posted. 🙁
    Do you have any more?

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