How to make the easiest Dog Bandana, ever!

IMG_7270.jpgI don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a dog in a bandana!  On the same hand, I am terrified to put anything around my dogs’ necks, after a rather scary incident a couple of year ago.


I decided to make a bandana that could be easily removed if needed.  Instead of using a traditional bandana style that is tied, I utilitzed the Kam Snaps (you know how I love my Kam Snaps).


I also used my Cricut EasyPress and Embroidery machine to embroider their names.  i just love how they turned out.  Over the holidays between my dogs and my sons, we had five dogs in the house. I made them all Christmas Bandanas using holiday fabric.  It was so stinking cute.  I can’t wait to make Valentines, Easter and lots of other variations.

This is probably one of the EASIEST beginner sewing projects, a person can make.   Are you ready for a tutorial?  I’ve got you covered… here you go.

10 thoughts on “How to make the easiest Dog Bandana, ever!

  1. DeAnn Davis says:

    Thank you for the opportunity! I have the explore air 2, 10×12 easy press 2. I gave my cricut expression and stacks of cartridges that I used for years away. The maker is goals and creating is super important to me!! I want to expand what I can do, cutting wood, making a quilt, engraving….❤❤

  2. Sheila R Andrews says:

    Funny I came across this today. I was literally about to buy one for my dog today!!!! U make it look so easy! I have got to try this #UltimateMAKERgiveaway

  3. Migdalia Del Valle says:

    #UltimateMAKERgiveaway. These are sooo super stinkin cute. I have 2 grandkids! Robbie is a pit bull and Sophie is a Rotweller. I’m going to make them some…Thanks!!

  4. Mia says:

    I don’t have any machines, but I’d love the chance to win so I’m able to start an at home business to help support my daughter (single mama). I’d want to learn how to make invitations and vinyl decals for various of crafts. #ultimateMAKERgiveaway

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