I have a DreamBox!

Let me say that again. I. Got. A. DreamBox!

I love this addition to my studio. I love the clean, organized and decorative touch that it gives my craft area.

I love the fact that it’s in the background of almost every video. It’s super cute and functional at the same time.

My studio is one of the first rooms off of the entry way, so it is important to me that storage is not only functional, but astetically pleasing. I like to keep the side doors shut when I’m not using my studio. I keep the middle table up all of the time, but you can easily fold it down and close the box entirely (see video below for a demonstration).

The DreamBox has made production in my craftroom so much more efficient. I know have a place for everything, and everything has a place. Prior to the DreamBox I had markers in four different places. I had my adhesives all over my room. I would rebuy supplies that I already owned because I didn’t know where they were. The DreamBox solved all of those problems for me. It made a “control station” or a “command center” that houses all of my most used supplies.

I love that you can customize the shelving, bins and even parts of the box. I set my DreamBox up to house my sewing supplies on the left half, and the right half holds most of my general craft supplies.

When I was considering getting the DreamBox I was skeptical that it wouldn’t be big enough to hold the supplies that I needed it to. Let me tell you, it holds all of those supplies and more!

The DreamBox is on wheels/casters. You can easily move it around your room. The mobility is important if you are like me and your creative space is continually evolving and changing as you evolve and change your crafting interests.

Create Room has generously given me a coupon code to share with you.


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Want to see exactly what is in my DreamBox? Watch the video below. I love sharing how and why I utilized the Dream Box for practical storage.

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