Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Craftroom!

Good morning my crafty friends! Can you believe it is January, 2021?

I bet you’re wondering what exactly I mean by “Get out of your head and into your craftroom”.

I was looking through my Facebook Groups, and I noticed so many comments that went something like this, “I have a Cricut, but I’ve never taken it out of the box”, or “My sewing machine has an embroidery attachment, but I’m to afraid to try it” or something similar with another related machine or tool.

So often, we finally get that new toy that we have been wanting so badly only to become paralyzed with the unknown. Questions like, “How do I get started?”, “When will I find the time to set this up and learn?” and “Where do I go from here” creep into our minds and keep us from getting started.

I want to help you get over the fear of opening the box, so that you can start having fun with your new creative tools. I have put together ten simple things you can do very easily that will help you conquer your creative fear, motivate you to open the box and have you making amazing new things with your brand new tools and/or machines.

If you find yourself afraid to “open the box”, I hope you will take just a few minutes out of your day and watch my video. I truly want YOU to have the confidence, motivation and to experience all of the creative fun that is waiting for you. Here are the ten simple steps to get you started.

2 thoughts on “Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Craftroom!

  1. Pat Reed says:

    I’m frustrated with my Cricut. I’ve been trying to upload fonts but it always says that design space doesn’t support it. I know it must be a simple something that I’m doing wrong. Just wondering if you can help. I’ve learned a lot from watching you. Thanks, Pat

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