How to Embroider a Baseball Cap

When I first got my Ricoma EM1010 Multi-Needle Embroidery machine I was most excited to learn how to make baseball caps. I don’t even wear caps, but I had to learn. I made a hat during training and then made a couple of other hats.

I put the regular arm back on my machine and sort of forgot about making caps for a bit. The Ricoma EM1010 comes standard with a hooping station and hat hoop. While it may look intimidating, it really isn’t. If I can do, you can, too!

I am going to walk you through the entire process from digitizing to stitching in the video below. Please know that I am very much a novice at embroidery and digitizing. However, with very little effort I was able to make this hat.

Let’s get started.

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