Ricoma Belt Hoop

This is the Ricoma Belt Hoop. It’s one of those tools you didn’t think you needed, until you used it. It makes stitching on anything like a belt, webbing, a sash, etc. so incredibly simple.

As you can see in the photo above, it is so easy to hoop strappy items. I didn’t even need to use stablizer since the cotton webbing is pretty stable on it’s own, but for good measure I just simply added a piece a tear away under the project. When I made the yellow one, I didn’t use a bit of stablizer.

I love how taut the strapping is with the hoop. I used the Ricoma EM1010 multi-needle machine. The only thing I needed to do was flip the left bracket over (watch the video for more info about that).

I thought these would make really cute luggage markers. No matter what color of suitcase I get for a trip, inevitably, someone else on the flight has one similar. Adding a simple luggage marker like these, makes it very easy to spot my bag from someone elses as the conveyor moves around.

They also make great keychains, bag identifiers and handles for bags and pouches. So many fun ideas. They are perfect to top off a gift basket, add as a gift tag or just to make someone smile. I think they would be adorable as a gift for graduation, someone getting ready to travel on a cruise or plane, neighbor gifts, mailman… I could go on and on.

So let’s get down to business and let’s get started.

I’ve also created the same project on the single needle machine. You can watch that tutorial here: Yesterday, I had a few request to show how to make the luggage marker / key fob key chain on a single needle machine, so I did a quick video making the same project on the single needle. Remember, you can almost always make the same projects I make on the multi needle with a single needle as long as it fits within your hoop (most of my projects are either 5 x 7 or 4 x 4) You can watch the single needle tutorial here:


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