In the Hoop Needle Minder with Creative Appliques

There is nothing I like more than fun, quick, easy and practical projects. Today’s project was born from a need. I wanted a needle minder. I needed a place to store the needles that I used for a project or two, but still had a lot of life left. The problem I had with my current method of putting them in a special compartment in my drawer is that when it came time to look for that metallic needle or jersey knit needle, I couldn’t tell which needle was which.

Enter my solution. I wanted something portable that would also define the needle size and type. I enlisted my friend, Dawn, over at Creative Appliques to help me create this fun little passport style needle minder. I gave her a simple mockup of what I had in mind and asked her to use her expertise to create a finished project that I can share with you. Boy, did she not only give me what I wanted, she stepped it up a notch. Let’s be honest, she stepped it up 50 notches from my simple concept. I LOVE IT!

She took ordinary and made it into EXTRODINARY! The good new is, you can get the file on her website by clicking HERE. She not only gives you a 5 x 7 option, but a 6 x 10 version as well!

So, go grab the file and meet me back here for the Step by Step instructions.

Let’s Get Started.

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