Toucan Felt Craft Kit

I just got back from Creativation in Phoenix!  Let me tell you, there were so many exciting products, but I was super giddy when we came upon the Fabric Editions booth!  They had the CUTEST products.   We gladly accepted their giveaway of a feltie kit.  It was this super cute Toucan. Toucan

They are so easy to assemble.  I created this one in about 10 minutes from start to finish.  It is recommended for ages 8+.  It would be a fun craft to do with your children or for a kids birthday party, or just to make a really cute year ’round ornament tree!  Want to see more from Fabric Editions?  Check out my video:


Personalized Luggage Tags with the Cricut Maker and Easy Press!

Did you know that Cricut Design Space has tons of ready-to-make projects?  They do!  They are called “Make it Now” projects and they couldn’t be easier.  Cricut has taken all of the planning and decision making work out of the equation with these ready now projects.  Of course, if you want to customize them, go right ahead!

I found these super cute, super awesome luggage tags in Cricut Design Space.  I didn’t change a thing.  I just clicked “make it”.  Yep, that’s all I had to do.  I picked my fabric and  the Cricut Maker cut each piece precisely for me.


Of course I had to grab my Cricut Easy Press and add a monogram to the back of the tags!  Cute, huh?!  Pink and green make me happy and monograms make me even happier.


I think this would make a great gift set!  Who can’t use an ID tag/Luggage Tag.  You could even add one to your child’s backpack, your computer/tablet case, or tie a long ribbon around it and use it for a badge holder.


You might just have to make a few sets, so you can keep one for youself.


Are you ready to make a set?  Here’s a step by step video tutorial:

First Aid Zipper Pouch with the Cricut Maker

This was a fun project born out of necessity.  When I travel, I always have this little bag full of bandaids, clippers, asprin, Tylenol, etc.   I decided my Cricut Maker could help me create a fun little zipper pouch to house my goodies.

First Aid Travel Kit (3 of 3)

It’s fun, right?  I mean it just screams happy!  Gotta love that $0.99 cent fabric from Walmart!  This little pouch was inspired by a create and fun pouch a friend got for me for a camping girls weekend.  Hers was filled with camping goodies (think bug spray, wet wipes, flash light).  I loved it so much, I measured and repeated her cute little gift.

The Cricut Maker and Design Space made this project come together so simply!  Here’s a video tutorial so you can make one for yourself!

If you decide to make one, please drop me a note or tag me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!  I would love to see your version!

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Create your own Oven Mitt with the Cricut Maker

I’m back with yet another quick and easy project with the Cricut Maker.

Oven Mit (3 of 4)

It’s a really great project to try with your Cricut Maker.

The Maker cuts your pattern precisely, which means all of the pieces come together perfectly.

I used cotton on this project, but flannel makes a really quite oven mitt for the winter months.

I just love how the accent trim.  The little pop of pink really makes a statement.

Oven Mit (4 of 4)Don’t quilt?  Don’t worry, I don’t either. I simply sewed random lines throughout the front and back panels.  You can make your own unique “quilting pattern” by following the lines of the fabric, sewing stripes, diagonals or any pattern you choose.

Oven Mit (2 of 4)

I think pairing this with the Skillet Handle Pot Holder in matching fabrics would make a super cute and super fun gift!

So, are you ready to make your own DIY Oven Mitt?  Here’s my video tutorial and a free SVG pattern.  Enjoy!

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Pattern by Lorrie Nunemaker.

Photo Pouch with the Cricut

Printable fabric.  Genius!  I was walking around Joann’s and stumbled upon this amazing product and instantly had an idea.  I wanted to rush home and make a little coin zipper pouch for my purse.  So I did!

untitled (2 of 2)-4

I mean who wouldn’t want a zipper pouch with a photo of their family? There are so many possibilities.untitled (1 of 2)-4  What about a pouch for all of those grandmas?

This little cutie patootie is my grandson. I just love seeing his cute little face everytime I reach into my purse.

Or how about the furbabies in your life?  They need their own pouch, right?  Let me show you my sweet, boy Wrigley.  He was all decked out for Christmas and I just had to do something fun with his Christmas photos.

Once again, the Cricut Maker came to my rescue.  I simply added the photos to their amazing software called Design Space.

Would you like to make one, or two?  Guess what? You can!  I have created another step by step tutorial for you.

I would love it if you would tag me on Facebook, Instagram or let me know in the comments if you make one.  I have had so much fun seeing all of photo pouches everyone made from tutorial.

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Skillet Handle Pot Holders / Hot Pads with the Cricut Maker

Do you have a cast iron skillet?  Are we alone in loving a well seasoned cast iron skillet and the beauty that lies within?  I’m pretty sure there are more of you out there.  If you have ever used a cast iron skillet, you know the handle gets super hot!  Enter the Skillet Handle Pot Holder. SKillet Pot Holder (1 of 3) I love this! It makes it super easy to grab that skillet from the oven.  Am I the only one who suddenly smells bacon?

Now, I have to remind you – do not put the skillet in the oven with the handle holder on it.  It will catch fire and burn.  Ask me how I know 😦

Would you be a bit surprised if I told you I made these with the Cricut Maker?  That’s right.  I created a pattern in Design Space (the software that is free to use with any Cricut Explore or Maker machine), then I added the fabric to the mat and ba da bing, ba da boom…. no more scorched hands.SKillet Pot Holder (1 of 1)

I created a step-by-step video tutorial for you.  Not only will you learn how to create a pattern from basic shapes, but you’ll learn how to cut and assemble and make your own Skillet Handle Pot Holders.  I don’t want anyone to burn their hands on a hot skillet ever again.  Here’s the video!  Oh, and if you make them, be sure and tag me on Facebook, Instagram or leave a comment below.  I get so excited when I see someone make something from one of the videos.

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I’m in Love with my Cricut Maker!

I am.  I am in love with a Machine.  Not, just any machine.  It’s the Cricut Makercricut makerI know what you’re thinking… it’s ok.  The Mr. Knows all about the Maker.  He actually thinks it’s a pretty amazing too!

I mean how can you not love this state of the art handsome boy?  Not only is this machine incredibly good looking, but it also features the revolutionary new adaptive cutting system.  cricut-maker-ultimate-cutting-machine-d-00010101000000_574327_alt2It features 10x more power than any of its Cricut Predecessors.

Do you see that pretty gold blade?  That, my friends, is a ROTARY blade!  It can do amazing things like cut raw fabric!  You heard me, right.  It can cut fabric without any kind of bonding or interfacing.  You just load your fabric on the fabric mat (included in the box) and go.  The Cricut will go about it’s merry way cutting and whizzing along the pattern lines.  In just a few moments, your pattern is cut perfectly.

A little disclaimer, I never sewed with fabric until I got the Maker in October of 2017.  So, ifI can do it, so can you!  Just look at what I’ve been able to do with the help of this crazy, inspirational machine.

I created this pattern in Design Space (the free software to use with the Cricut Explore and Maker machines).  I then added the fabric to the mat and let the Cricut Maker do it’s thing.  You can watch the full tutorial here.

Once I got the hang of zippers, I decided to expand my sewing capabilities a bit and created another project/pattern in Design Space.  I created this boxed pouch.  21764825_10155663928566870_3942223641138407957_nIt was a huge hit with my friends and family.  It’s the perfect size for travel and holds most of your personal essentials.  If you’d like to get the pattern and try one of these, you can watch the tutorial here.

So, those are just two of my very beginner sewing projects with the Cricut Maker.  I just can’t say enough about this amazing machine!  I’ve not even scratched the surface of what this machine can do.  It can cut Vinyl, Iron On, leather, faux leather, basswood, Paper, Cardstock, Chipboard, and so many more materials.  I cannot wait to share more fun projects with you.

Disclaimer:  Links above are affiliate links.  All opinions, reviews and tutorials are my own.  I do not work for Cricut.  I just love their products 😉

Today, I crafted.

I craft.  I craft a lot.  As a matter of fact, I spend the majority of my free time doing something crafty.  However, rarely do I craft without a purpose.  I have lists upon lists of things I want to make tutorial videos of, things I need to do for a gift or someone special.  I have projects to make that I’ve pinned on Pinterest or from some other youtuber.

Today, I sat in my craftroom and thought… I want to make something.  I have no idea what.  I toyed with sewing, scrapbooking or making a card.  When I couldn’t decide I just pulled out some papers, and then some embellishments, but I still had no idea what I was going to make.  And then it happened.  One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had created a Memory Dex Card.

Dex 2017 (1 of 1)

It’s certainly not the first Memory Dex card I’ve ever made (I’ve made hundreds).  It’s not the best project I ever made, but this little card made something “click” inside of me.  This little card represented a little slice of heaven.  It brought me back to the simplicity of just doing what I love.  I didn’t hear the phone, I didn’t even have a tv, music or any noise on in the background.  When I was finished, I looked at my little creation and without realizing what I had done… I noted the “be true to who you are”.  It simply summed up exactly what I was feeling.  Today, I crafted.  I crafted… just because.  And I loved it.