Placemat Pouch – Drawstring Project Bag – Version 12 is here!

It has been awhile since I made a new Placemat Project. Did you know this is the 12th different placemat project I have released? That’s right, there are a lot of other placemat projects such as the wallet, project bag, the original box bag, the simple zipper pouch and so many others. You can find the comlete Placemat Pouch Playlist here.

I think this just might be my favorite version. It’s practical, it’s simple and it’s cute! It stands up on it’s own. The structure of the placemat makes the inside remain wide open for easy access. It is also perfect for embroidery, but that is totally optional. This version is perfect for toys, makeup, craft projects, school projects and so much more.

You can see I made two versions. One with a handle so you can carry it like a tote bag, and one without. I think both are equally cute and serve a purpose. I picked up the Pioneer Woman placemats and napkins at Walmart.

I’ve made a step by step tutorial for this easy sew bag. You can view it below. Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve tried any of the placemat projects and, if so, which is your favorite?

Sublimation Easter Bunnies – Oh My Goodness!

I am still on the Easter theme this month.  I received these cutie bunnies in the JP PLUS Trend Box . I have been holding on to them for Ace and Evie for Easter.  I know they are going to love these little cuties.  I used the SAWGRASS SG500.  It is so easy to create one of a kind gifts with a sublimation printer and a heat press.

You can purchase the bunnies with shirts and you can purchase extra shirts so that the recipient can switch them out.  Pretty cool.  If  you order the shirts and/or bunnies, be sure and use code 9PSR5 and you’ll save an extra 15%!

Here’s a step by step video tutorial:

Hippity, Hoppidy Easter’s on it’s Way

I found the cutest bunny tote bags at Target. in the Bullseye “Dollar Spot” section. They were only $3 each. I grabbed a couple thinking that the would be perfect to fill with books and candy for Ave and Evie for Easter.

Of course, my first thought was personalization. I used Chroma Luxe software to digitze two simple names. I love that you can use any True Type font on your computer and Chroma will turn it into an embroidery file.

I decided to add a couple of snap tabs just to add a little fun and color. I found the snap tab files at Crashing Waves Designs. She’s got so many cute files.

While I used the Ricoma EM1010 Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine to stitch out my designs, you could also use a single needle machine. If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you could easily do something similar with iron on/heat transfer vinyl.

Here’s the step by step tutorial including digitizing in Chroma.

Shake Your Shamrocks :)

When I saw this cute “Shake Your Shamrocks” embroidery file, I knew that the Thread Nanny project I had scheduled would be absolutely perfect for this cute design.

Thread Nanny sent me this set of 63 Embroidery Threads.

Aren’t they gorgeous?!! I was thrilled to give them a try. I first tried them on the towel using the cutest applique clover embroidery design. I used my single needle Janome 550e embroidery machine to test out the threads. The threads performed wonderfully on the the Janome.

The 63 set of colors made it really easy to get a perfect match for my Target Bullseye Shamrock towel.

I asked Thread Nanny if their threads would work on a multi-needle. After receiving confirmation that they do work on multi needle machines, I gave it a try using the Ricoma EM1010. To my surprise the hot pad stitched out very nicely. I will tell you that there is a little nub at the bottom of the spool that needs to be removed if your machine holds thread in the upright position. I also needed to remove the foam thread pads from my machine to keep the thread from hanging up. I spoke to Thread Nanny about this and I was informed that they have made production changes to the spools. The new production run will no longer have the nub on the bottom of the spool.

Overall I am happy with my Thread Nanny Thread Set, especially for use in my single needle machine. Thank you to Thread Nanny for letting me try this gorgeous set of threads.

Now, how about a video tutorial on the embroidery of this cutie patootie St. Patrick’s Day inspired kitchen set.

*Disclaimer:  Some links above are affiliate links.  By clicking on these links I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.   Some products may have been provided to me by vendors.  All opinions and reviews are strictly my own.

How to create a personalized mirrored compact with the SG500 Sublimation Printer

I am continually amazed by the fun array of sublimation blanks that are available. Today, we are sublimating a mirrored compact. This is such a fun little keepsake.

It’s the perfect size for a travel kit or keep in your purse. The fun part is that the top insert can be sublimated with your favorite quote, photo or just about anything you want. Wouldn’t it be fun to add a wedding photo, a photo of grandma and/or grandpa or your favorite great nephew (like I did).

The Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer makes it so easy to create really unique and personalized gifts in a matter of minutes. Simply print your image, heat up your heat press and apply the printed image to the sublimation insert. Voila, you have the perfect Easter Basket gift, stocking stuffer, momento and/or gift for any occasion.

This mirrored compact came from JP Plus. It was part of my monthly Trend Box. You can use code 9PSR5 and save 15% off your order of any sublimation blanks – does not apply to the Trend Box or machines.

Let’s walk through the process of creating this one-of-a-kind keepsake in today’s video tutorial below. Leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to put on your compact?

MAKER Hand Santizer Holder

Can I just say that Bright COLORS make me happy. I knew when I designed this MAKER Hand Sanitizer Holder embroidery file that I needed color. I needed happy, spring and vibrant colors.

I created these cutie patooties in the Chroma Luxe software. They are so simple to stitch out on any multi-needle or single-needle embroidery machine. I will be using the Ricoma EM1010 multi-needle in my tutorial below. If you are using a single-needle the steps are the same, you’ll just be stopping to switch threads.

I think these would be super cute to take to your next crafting get together or to gift to your fellow MAKERS.

In today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to use the FRAME OUT feature on the Ricoma. It works really well if you need to stop occasionally during a stitch out, but not after each step.

Watch the video to find out how you can get the FREE embroidery file to create your very own Maker Hand Sanitizer Holder.

How to Embroider a Baseball Cap

When I first got my Ricoma EM1010 Multi-Needle Embroidery machine I was most excited to learn how to make baseball caps. I don’t even wear caps, but I had to learn. I made a hat during training and then made a couple of other hats.

I put the regular arm back on my machine and sort of forgot about making caps for a bit. The Ricoma EM1010 comes standard with a hooping station and hat hoop. While it may look intimidating, it really isn’t. If I can do, you can, too!

I am going to walk you through the entire process from digitizing to stitching in the video below. Please know that I am very much a novice at embroidery and digitizing. However, with very little effort I was able to make this hat.

Let’s get started.

Valentine Shirt (FREE CUT FILE)

Ahhhh… love is in the air. February is right around the corner and that means we are already seeing tons of Reds, Pinks, Hearts and LOVE in all of the stores. It got me thinking. Why must LOVE and hearts be red for Valentines?

I mean teal is absolutely LOVELY.

Raspberry love makes my heart go pitter patter.

And blue makes my grandkids eyes sparkle so bright!

The SVG looks cute as a Sublimation Printable as well! Check out my LOVE MUG! You can get the heart mug here. (Save 15% with code 9PSR5 – Affliate link).

I had a lot of fun using my Pink Heat Press, Siser Easyweed and my Cricut Maker to create these fun sweatshirts! I made the SVG cut file and I am sharing it with you!

You can get the FREE SVG by CLICKING HERE.

The SVG is a ZIP file which means you need to download it (don’t click Paypal, it’s FREE) and then double click it to open it and inside the folder that opens will be the SVG. If you’re on an IPAD or other device, you will need to research how to save and open zip files on your particular device.

As always, I’ve got a video for you. Happy Valentines Day!

Sublimating a Stainless Steel Water Bottle with my 6 in 1 Mug Press

It’s 2021 and I have a fun way to bring in the new year! Let’s make a personalized water bottle with the SG500 and my new 6 in 1 Mug Press. I love how this turned out and it was so easy.

Previously, I showed you how to create large tumblers using a shrink wrap and a convection oven. You can watch that video here. Using the convection oven is really easy and an expensive way to create tumblers, however, I don’t like having to get it out and set it up when I want to use it and let’s face it… the toaster oven doesn’t exactly go with my craftroom decor :). I decided it was time to upgrade to a muti-purpose 6 in 1 mug press.

This is the mug press I am using now, and it is so convenient. I can press any of the following using the included attachments:

  • 1.5 oz Shot Glasses
  • 3 oz Mini Straight Mugs
  • 6-10 oz Straight Mugs
  • 11-15 oz Straight Mugs
  • 12 oz Cone Shaped Mugs
  • 17 oz Cone Shaped Mugs

Pretty amazing, huh! I love it so much.

In today’s video we are going to create this personalized water bottle for my friend over at Teri’s Makery.

Let’s start sublimating:

In the Hoop Wristlet / Keychain

Wristlet / keychains are obviously on my mind. You may recall my recent post “How to Sublimate a Wristlet / Keychain“. This is a very similar style, but this time we are using the embroidery machine and a really cute embroidery file by Parker on the Porch. The file requires a 5 x 7 frame or larger. You can use a single needle embroidery machine or a multi-needle. I will be using my Ricoma EM-1010 multi-needle in the tutorial.

I may have had so much fun making these that I made 2 or 3… or okay I made 7! They are quick and easy (my favorite type of project). You will need only a few items to create these little cuties.

The file includes both 1.25″ and 1″ versions in 3 different lengths. You will need to use the matching keyfob hardware for whichever size you choose. The picture above is the 1.25″ size. The photo with the white vinyl keyfobs are the 1″ varieties. I, personally, love both! Here is a link to the hardware:

1.25″ Silver Hardware 1″ Silver Hardware 1″ Multi Color Set w/Pliers

1.25″ Gold Hardware 1″ Gold Hardware

Pick your favorite base material. I used cork fabric, faux leather, metallic faux leather and marine vinyl.

SUPRISE GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win the Keyfob pliers and an assortment of keyfob hardware.

So, now that you have the materials you need, let’s get started with the tutorial: