Sublimation Bottle Opener

Did you know you can sublimate stainless steel bottle openers? Not just any bottle opener, but these fun blank openers from Heat Transfer Warehouse.

I think they are great paired with a 6-pack of your favorite beverage as a housewarming gift and/or welcome to the neighborhood. They would also be perfect bachelor/bachelorette parties, Groomsmen gifts, stocking stuffers, football parties, and just fun to have one of your own.

Check out the video to find out how to create your bottle opener.

Customized Labels and Patches with the Glowforge

One of the most asked questions I get on my Youtube Channel is “where do you get your fabric labels?”. The answer is… I make them!

I use the Glowforge to create laser engraved labels on Cork Fabric. It’s a great way to promote your brand, create customized labels and or just add a fun touch to a project.

The Glowforge can be used for so many unique, personalized, custom gifts. If you’re interested in purchasing a Glowforge you can save up to $500 when you use this link.

Find out how I created these very unique labels in just a few very simple steps. There just might be a giveaway involved. 🙂

Over The Collar Dog Bandana – Beginner Sewing Friendly

You have no idea how many photos it took to get one that was even close to showing the cuteness of these over the collar dog bandanas. Let’s just say my dogs are not well trained!

As usual, this is a quick, easy and fun project. It’s very beginner sewing friendly (it’s all straight lines). They are very inexpensive to make, so they make the perfect Etsy shop product.

Seriously Brinkley? This is the best pose you can give me? 😉

I have a free downloadable PDF pattern for these adorable bandanas. One pattern includes all of the sizes from Small through Extra Large. If you’re not sure what size, watch the video and I will explain to you which size to chose for your furry friend. Wrigley and Brinkley are wearing Extra Large.

You can get the pattern by clicking HERE.

Watch the full step by step tutorial here:

Let’s make a burp cloth! Beginner Sewing Friendly – Free Pattern Included

I wanted to share with you this really easy pattern for a burp cloth. If you’re a beginner sewists, this is a great project to practice you skills. It makes the perfect baby shower gift, or welcome baby gift or just to have for your nursery.

I created mine out of flannel and fleece, but they can be made with your favorite cotton, flannel, fleece, terry cloth, minky or just about any absorbant fabrics.

The embroidery is optional. If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you could easily substitute iron on or just leave them blank. I made several blank and with monograms and they are equally cute.

Grab the FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF by clicking the photo above and let’s get started.

Let’s Embroider a Tote Bag

Today, I made this cute MAKER Tote Bag. It makes me happy to see it.

I used this really affordable, basic, flat-bottom tote bag. The white background made it perfect for this colorful embroidery design.

I created the embroidery design in Adobe Illustrator and then imported it into my Chroma Luxe software to digitize. I have been having so much fun learning to digitize my own creations.

I will be sharing this digitized file over on Patreon. One of my All In Patrons will be getting this embroidered tote bag in April.

I stitched this design on my Ricoma EM1010, but it can easily be stitched on any single or multi-needle embroidery machine.

Here’s a video step by step tutorial:

Let’s Sublimate a GLIMMER Skinny Tumbler in the Mug Press

I get asked weekly to please show how to sublimate a skinny tumbler in the Wala Mug Press. I thought these new glimmer skinny tumblers would be an awesome way to demonstrate the process. They also show how sublimation can look on a colored blank.

Sublimation blanks don’t have to be white, but a light color is best. I chose the glimmer lavendar tumbler for this watercolor image of a german shepard to illustrate just how stunning colored blanks can be.

You can find these new GLIMMER TUMBLERS at JP Plus. You can use coupon code 9PSR5 and save 10% when ordering.

I think this tumbler turned out better than I even imagined it would and I know my son and daughter-in-law are going to love it since they recently got a new german shephard puppy.

I used the Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer to print this vibrant image.

So grab your favorite drink and click on the tutorial below.

How to use the Cricut with Machine Embroidery Applique

Did you know you can use your Cricut, Silhouette, Brother Scan N Cut to create the applique pieces for your machine embroidery designs? You can!

In today’s video tutorial I am going to show you how I created this fun applique bib without using a single pair of scissors (to cut fabric).

This cutie patootie design came from Planet Applique.

So, how does this all work? Many applique designs give you the SVG and/or png with their designs. However, Chroma Software, the free embroidery software that comes with any Ricoma machine, actually has a feature built right in to make a PNG file out of any embroidery design. Chroma Luxe (the paid upgrade version) allows you to save as an SVG file. Both PNG and SVG files can be used in Cricut Design Space. There are other embroidery software programs that also allow you to save a cut file. No matter which one you use, this is an invaluable, time-saving feature for embroidery applique projects. Once you have your SVG/PNG to use with your cutting machine, the process is the same.

I’m going to show you how to use this feature using Chroma and the Cricut Maker in today’s video.

Color Changing Sublimation Mugs

Would you guess that the two mugs above are essentially the exact same mug? They are!

So how does a black mug become a white mug with a design? It’s easier than you think.

The trick is in these heat activated mugs which also happen to be sublimation blanks. This means you can add sublimation to the black, red or blue mug and the image will be revealed when the recipient adds hot coffee, tea or cocoa! Isn’t that fun?It also means that not only do they work with sublimation prints, but also with Cricut Infusible Ink.

Side note: When purchasing from Cricut, use code Maker10 on orders $50 or more and save 10% and get free shipping – does not apply to machines.

I think they would be so fun as a teacher’s gift filled with hot cocoa ingrediants. Once the teacher fills it up, her name is revealed.

Check out today’s video to find out exactly how to create you very own color changing mug.

Sublimation Tie Dye – Non Sublimation Blanks

Sublimation opens up a whole new world to crafters. No longer are we bound by layers and intricate designs that heat transfer vinyl/iron on often represents. But, did you know that you’re also not limited to white sublimation blanks? In fact, you don’t even have to have “Subilimation blanks” at all.

I found THIS SHIRT was perfect for sublimation. How did I know it would work with sublimation? It is made of 95% polyester. Any garments with a high polyester count (80% and above) make perfect sublimation blanks. While any high count polyester fabric is great for sublimation, you’ll want to stick with light colors. They don’t need to be white, but they do need to be a light color in order for the ink to show up. Keep in mind that sublimation ink is translucent, so the color of the garment will show through the ink. Imagine if you had a navy ink pen and you wrote on a red tshirt. Would you see the ink? Probably. Would the ink show up better on a white or light blue shirt? Absolutely.

In today’s video you can see just how awesome this shirt sublimated. I will give you a few tips and tricks to help guide you to the very best results when sublimating on “non-sublimation” blanks.

How to Sublimate on 100% Cotton!

Today’s video is another sublimation video. Did you know you can sublimate on 100% cotton? You can!

I used this basic white 100% cotton sweatshirt to create this super cute, vibrant sweatshirt using my SG1000 sublimation printer, and my 15 x 15 heat press.

Look how vibrant it turned out! The secret is in the use of PolyTPlus. It is a spray sublimation coating for cotton. Essentially, it sprays polyester onto your cotton products, which gives the sublimation ink something to stick to. Pretty neat, huh!

Keep in mind that sublimation works best with Polyester. The more polyester, the better your results will be. This product simply adds a polyester coating to your fabric. Eventually, the results will fad somewhat. I’ve used it on several shirts for the grandkids and after many, many wash cycles, though they still look great, they are not as crisp and bright as they were when I initially made them.

There are a few things you need to get the best results with this product. I have created a video walking you through coating your cotton surface and how to press. If you want to watch an even more indept video using this product, check out my earlier video here.

Thanks for stopping by!