Embroidery Blanket Gift Idea

Today I wanted to share with you this really simple embroidery idea that can potentially be a money maker for you, or at the very least, a quick and easy gift idea.

I grabbed a couple of these $5 Fleece Throws for $5 each. I thought they would be perfect for the grandkids for Daycare. I used my Chroma Luxe digitizing software to create a simple embroidered name and used the “nap blocker” feature to add the extra stitching so that the embroidery would sit on top of the fluffy fleece and not sink down into the blanket. By the way, the Chroma Inspire Software is free when you purchase a Ricoma EM1010, but you can also just buy and use the software.

Adding the simple embroidery took an ordinary blanket to extraordinary in a matter of minutes. You could easily sell this on popular selling sites for more than triple the cost that it takes to make it.

I used the Ricoma EM1010 mutli-needle embroidery machine. It made it so easy! You can make this on a single needle machine, too just be sure to create a design that fits within your hoop. The Em1010 easily stitched out these 3″ tall letters on each blanket.

Once I made the blankets for the grandkids, I ran back to the store to get more blankets. I am going to embroider my children’s names on them to use as emergency car blankets and/or trunk blankets. I’ve had one in my car for years that someone gifted me.

I’ve created a tutorial to walk you through from the digitzing process through the stitch out. You can watch it here.

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In the Hoop Candy Cane Holders by ScissorTail Stitches

I had so much fun creating these candy cane holders by ScissorTail Stitches.

They are a little gift all by themselves. How cute to leave one in the mailbox for your mail person, make them for neighbors, students, co-workers, etc. They are a really easy in the hoop project. Simply select all of your colors and in no time you will have some really cute candy cane holders.

I absolutely love the detail Scissortail Stitches includes in her digitizing. The tree texture, the detail in the bird’s scarf, etc. are signs of a well digitized file. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

You will need a 5 x 7 hoop to make these (unless you have software to resize them). I used my Ricoma EM1010 mutli-needle embroidery machine, but you can make them easily with a single needle as well.

I made a video in case you want to try a few of these cuties.

Sublimation Mason Jar

Oh my goodness! I was so excited when I opened a recent parcel from Heat Transfer Warehouse. This cute mason jar style mug was inside. It’s a sublimation blank and I couldn’t wait to make her pretty!

I knew immediately that I wanted to make something with this cute watercolor heart image that I found here.

I was able to use my 11 oz mug press even though this is a larger mug. I do, however, have this mug press on order so that making larger sublimation mugs will be even easier. I am having so much fun with my Sublimation Printer. The holidays are going to be filled with fun and personalized items for my friends.

Here’s the video tutorial of the sublimation of this cute mason mug!

Holiday Cricut Craft Gift Ideas from QVC and HSN

It’s Mid December and Christmas is just around the corner. I am in the midst of online shopping to finish up a few of my crafty gift ideas for friends and family. I wanted to check out some of the specials with HSN and QVC because I know, many are wanting to use the Flex payment options.

So, let’s dive in! We will start with HSN. Did you know they carry Cricut items? Often they are the first to release exclusive colors, new machines and accessories. Here are some of the Cricut items you can find at HSN:

The 12 x 10 Cricut EasyPress. They offer Flex Pays of $35.99 a month. To all of my Sewing, Embroidery and Cricut friends, you need the EasyPress Mini in your life. It’s such a great size for pressing smaller items such as quilt pieces, embroidery applique and iron on for hats and bags. Already have the Easypress(es)? Then you need a case. This EasyPress case is made to perfectly store your EasyPress when not in use or to make traveling with your EasyPress a piece of cake. If you’ve been eyeing the Cricut Joy, they. have this Smart Bundle with Flex Pay options. Sublimation fans, you might want to score some of these Cricut Infusible Ink Pens. They are the perfect stocking stuffers for the Cricut lovers in your life.

Let’s hop over to QVC.

This Cricut Tool Set has all of the basics you need to be ready to start creating. They are basic tools that every crafter should have in their arsenal. These Infusible Ink Wine Tote Blanks are perfect not only for Cricut Infusible Ink, but they also work perfectly with Sublimation! They make perfect holiday hostess sets or perfect packaging for gifting a bottle of wine. The Cricut Joy Tote Bag is not only cute as a button, but the perfect bag to take your Cricut Joy to any crop. Make sure you tell Santa to grab some Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. If you love sublimation, you’re going to love these!

Be sure and check out all things crafty at QVC and HSN. They will surprise you with the wide variety of crafting machines, accessories and tools they carry. The Flex Pay makes it easy and affordable. Tell them, Santa sent you! 😉


Fabric Embroidered Coasters – A quick and easy gift idea for any embroidery enthusiast / FREE EMBROIDERY FILES INCLUDED.

I wanted a quick and easy, but unique gift idea for those who I like to give, what I call, an appreciation gift. The delivery people, the lady at the post office to patiently weighs my packages, the friendly worker at McDonald’s (who knows me by name because of my continuous “Large Diet Coke” orders), and my favorite check out person at the grocery.

I came up with this fun little project that literally took me about 20 minutes start to finish to make the entire set. It’s really easy create custom embroidery files when you have the Chroma Software that comes with every Ricoma Embroidery Machine. If you don’t have the software, don’t worry, You can get the embroidery files here.   I sized the file so that they can be sewn with a 4 x 4 single needle machine all the way up to an industrial multi-needle machine. They are really quick because you really only need one thread color.

Don’t they look cute all packaged up with a simple little ribbon. I think they would be a great gift just like this, but you could also step it up and add a coffee mug, starbucks gift card or something a little extra.

Here is a step by step tutorial. Are you going to make a set? Who will be the lucky recipient? Let me know in the comments. Happy Embroidering 🙂


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Wooden Name Tags with the Glowforge

I was so excited to make name tags for my son and daughter-in-law. They recently moved out of town and this will be their very first Christmas to not be here for the holidays. I wanted to make sure they get to experience a big part of our holidays, which is the stocking. In my opinion, it’s the most fun part of Christmas morning. We always open the stockings first.

Even though I bought them new stockings with initials, I wanted to add some customized tags. The Glowforge makes it so super easy to create one-of-a-kind customized pieces. It really only took a few minutes to create the file and a little over 3 minutes to cut. Pretty crazy, right? If you’ve been thinking about a Glowforge, I say go fo it! I love that I can make personalized gifts out of leather, acrylic wood and so much more! If you use this link you will save $100 on the Basic, $250 on the Plus and $500 on the Pro!

What would you like to make if you have a Glowforge? Leave me a comment.

I made a tutorial for for these cute tags, you knew I would!

*Disclaimer:  Some links above are affiliate links.  By clicking on these links I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.   Some products may have been provided to me by vendors.  All opinions and reviews are strictly my own.

How to Subimate a Plushie

Hello Teddy Bear Cuteness! Ace and Evie are going to go nuts over these Teddy Bear Plushies. First of all, they are plushies and second of all, they have their favorite characters on them. I bet you can guess who likes each one, but I can almost guarantee they will still fuss over them.

These plushies with sublimatable T-shirts are from JP Plus. You can get them here. They also have a rabbit, dog and an elephant. I purchased two of the the bears just to keep the arguing to a minimum (I know some of you can relate). Use code 9PSR5 and get 15% off your order (be sure and add the shirts to your order – they don’t come with the plushie).

As always I used my Sawgrass SG500 Subimation Printer and my cute pink heat press. Heat presses don’t have to be an eyesore in the middle of your creative space.

I put together a quick video to show you just how easy they are to customize. Leave me a comment and let me know what you will put on your plushies. Will you get the Bunny, Dog, Elephant or Bear?

*Disclaimer:  Some links above are affiliate links.  By clicking on these links I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.   Some products may have been provided to me by vendors.  All opinions and reviews are strictly my own.

How to Create an Embroidery File from an SVG

Today, I want to share with you how I used this ordinary Split Letter SVG design and turned it into a beautiful embroidered kitchen towel.

This entire project cost me less than $5. I purchase the towel from the Target Dollar Spot for $3 and the SVG file was part of a mega bundle I bought awhile back.

Using the Chroma Software that is included with the purchase of the Ricoma Embroidery Machines makes creating your very own unique embroidery designs so easy! You can purchase the Chroma Software without purchasing a machine. You can save $100 on the EM-1010 Multi-needle embroidery machine with this link.

So, how to we go from this to this?

Watch the tutorial and find out.

How to Engrave Arcacia Cutting Boards w/the GlowForge

I am excited to share my very first tutorial with the GlowForge. Several of you have been asking me to share more about the GlowForge and I decided today is the day. Let’s talk GlowForge.

The GlowForge is a laser cutting machine. It is available in 3 different models. The Basic (which is the machine I have), the Plus (basically the same as the basic, but slightly faster) and the Pro. The Pro is their most advanced machine, which is not only faster, but also allows one to cut items any length (restricted to 17″ wide). Keep in mind, the Plus actually uses an open slot to accomplish the longer cutting area, so you need to have that much room behind your machine to actually pass something through. The Basic and Plus can work in areas up to 11 x 19.5″.

If you are contemplating getting a GlowForge, I have links that will save you money depending which machine you choose. By using this link you can save $100 off the Basic, $250 off the Plus and $500 off of the Pro.

The Glowforge can cut, score and engrave items such as wcrylic, metal, wood and even vegan leather with ease. We will be using the engraving feature in today’s video.

A few things you should know before purchasing a Glowforge. You must vent the machine in a window or with a portable vent system (which will cost you an additional almost $1000). I vent mine through a window, which I will show you in the video. The Glowforge takes up a lot of real estate in your craft area. The base of the machine is approximately 38″ x 21″. It is much larger than a Cricut or Silhouette.

It is a wonderful addition to any craftroom and a very easy way to turn handmade goods into sellable items. It is easy to customize anything from a pencil to a vegan leather handbag.

In today’s tutorial I am going to show you how I turned a $7.99 cheese board into a sellable, personalized cheese board. A quick google search indicates I could easily sell these for $20+ each. Not bad, eh? I’m making them as holiday gifts, but it’s nice to know I could easily make my money back from the purchase of the machine. They are an investment, but one that will easily pay you back in a relatively short period of time, if you want to open a shop.

Are you ready for the tutorial? Let’s get started.

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Black Friday – Craft Deals You Probably Don’t Want to Miss!

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, which we have come to know as Black Friday. Did you know that the term Black Friday originated in the early 1960’s in Philadelphia. The term was created by the police department to describe the heavy mobile and pedestrian traffic on the biggest day of shopping in the year. Today, most think of Black Friday as the day of the year that retailers go from Red to Black in their accounting books.

Either way, the day is filled with tons of great bargains to entice people, like you and I, to jumpstart our holiday shopping. I have gathered a few of my favorite deals and wanted to share them with you.

Cricut is having their “BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR“. They have tools and accessories 50% off., Cricut Joy as low as $169 and $80 off a Cricut EasyPress. If you’re a premium Access Member you will enjoy an additional 20% off your order. Use code LN10 on orders over $50 and you’ll save ANOTHER 10% and get FREE SHIPPING. You can shop the sale here.

Embroidery gurus might like this deal.

Let’s talk Embroidery Deals. Ricoma continues their BLACK NOVEMBER (because we need more than a day of great embroidery deals). My Ricoma Embroidery Machine is at its lowest price, ever. You can save an additional $100 with this link. The Ricoma November specials also include Free Shipping, 0% financing and FREE Chroma Inspire Digitizing Software. Once you’ve got a machine, check out the deal below to snag thousands of embroidery files.

Is the Dreambox more your style?

The DreamBox, DreamCart and Sew Station are also at their lowest price ever. Createroom accessories are also on special. Save up to $1000 on a DreamBox when you stack the addon and accessory discounts or save $300 on the basic DreamBox. I have several codes and links depending on where you live. Special pricing on the DreamBox and Dream Cart

US Customers use THIS LINK and Code LORRIE1000

UK Customers use THIS LINK and Coee LORRIEUK563

Canadian Customers use THIS LINK and Code LORRIECA700

For my Sublimation Friends…

If you’re looking for a sublimation printer, Black Friday is the time to buy. They’ve got tons of Sawgrass bundles that will have you sublimating in no time. I highly recommend their printers. The SG500 is an 8.5 x 14 printer and the SG1000 is their larger model which can print up to 13 x 19. Check out the sales here.

This is my cute heat press you see in many of my videos. I love it so much. I’m not sure if they will have a Black Friday special on it or not, but I highly recommend it. You can check the pricing here.

Did you ask Santa for a Glowforge? If he clicks on this link he can save $100 on a Basic, $250 on a Plus and $500 on the PRO model of the Glowforge!

Are you a sign maker, Cricut crafter, Silhouette Saavy or Glowforge destined, then the next set of deals are for you.

One can never have enough fonts, SVGS and designer files for use with all of our crafty hobbies. Check out this ULTIMATE $1 Event! I always stock up on tons of files to use with my Cricut, Silhouette, Glowforge and Sign paining hobby. You are sure to find 1 or 2 (ahem.. ok, I bought 10) bundles that you need.

Speaking of amazing designer files. Check out these EMBROIDERY files at 90% off. Yes, they are up to 90% off. some of them are $0.29! I mean, we all need more embroidery files, right? The files shown above are just a teeny tiny sample of the 5,500 + embroidery files they have to offer.

While you’re there, check out these SVG, PNG, JPG and font bundles and many more (over 1 million more to be exact!).

They are also offering a Black Friday Special to try their All Access Pass for just $1. It’s a monthly subscription service that gives you Access to all of their files. You can cancel any time. (Join for a month, pay $1 and cancel if you want). You can find out more about that here.

If you’re in the market for Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl or Oracle Adhesive Vinyl check out the lowest prices of the year and get free shipping here.

And for my sewing and embroidery enthusiast, check out these Black Friday deals and many more by clicking here.

I hope you find some amazing deals on this Black Friday. This has been one crazy year and I know online shopping is going to be more popular than ever! If you’ve seen some amazing deals, leave a comment below and let me know. I have barely started my shopping this year!

If you’d rather see the deals in video form you can click below.

*Disclaimer:  Some links above are affiliate links.  By clicking on these links I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.   Some products may have been provided to me by vendors.  All opinions and reviews are strictly my own.

Thank you