Bowl Koozie PDF Pattern


Create a fun and easy bowl koozie.  Great for gifts, craft fairs and everyday use.  This is a BEGINNER FRIENDLY sewing pattern and tutorial.

Watch the step by step tutorial by clicking here.

28 thoughts on “Bowl Koozie PDF Pattern

  1. Cherie Knickerbocker says:

    Hi lorrien, I watched your bowl koozie Video. Very nice job! i tried downloading your free PDF pattern and I couldn’t print the pattern. Cherie

    • Lorrie Nunemaker says:

      It’s been downloaded over 4000 times. I just tested it again from my phone and my computer and it worked. I Asked a friend try and download and print it and she also had no trouble. Perhaps you have a firewall blocking it or something

  2. Mary Jo SheedyDawson says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this pattern. I have been wanting to make these for a long time and your pattern will be a big help for me as I will not have to do the measuring. Kudos!! BTW, I was able to download and print it easily.

  3. Beverly Dorsey says:

    I have tried to download this numerous tines and can’t.I download other patterns all the time and never have any trouble. I really wanted this pattern it looks like it will be the easiest pattern I have seen. Can you just give dimensions so I can draw a pattern?

    • Lorrie Nunemaker says:

      If you are downloading from an IPAD or Device you will need to research how to download and open ZIP files on your device. Be sure you are clicking DOWNLOAD NOW, not the paypal button – the file is FREE. The file has been downloaded thousands of times.

  4. Darlene Groves says:

    Hello Lori my name is Darlene I have download it the pattern and I have cut it out and I am dumbfounded on what to do next could you please explain it to me or email me I don’t know if you do that or not thank you for

  5. Mary Birch says:

    Thanks for sharing the pattern. Downloaded and printed without any problem. Appreciate not having to buy a pattern or template for this!

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