It’s Placemat Pouch VERSION 4!

I cannot believe how much of a response I’ve gotten to the Placemat Pouches! You guys are so amazing!  I had to come up with another version for you!  I give you.. Version 4!

Placemat V4-1

Isn’t she cute!!!

Placemat V4-8.jpg

I can see all kinds of uses for this little cutie patootie!  On the go diaper bag, perhaps?  Or a cute little purse?  What about a grab and go beach pouch?  It’s a great size and made from another quilted placemat, so the extra padding makes it ideal for all kinds of “Stuff” you need to carry around.

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They just might be my new favorite!

Ready for the tutorial?  I’ve got it linked below along with a list of all of the materials:

14″ or bigger zipper
3 x 11 Piece of coordinating fabric
4 x 12″ Piece of coordinating fabric
(2) 1″ strips of heat n bond heavy interfacing


8 thoughts on “It’s Placemat Pouch VERSION 4!

  1. Monta Reina says:

    Where can I print out the pattern for your Prairie Woman Placemat V4? Yes, it is on YouTube, however I like to have my patterns printed out, it makes things so much easier for me.

    Wishing you and yours a very safe and HAPPY New Year.


  2. Marywollens says:

    I am a 90yr.old woman who still loves to sew and have been so enthused by your placemat bags on my I-Pad. I have made 3of the boxed bags with handle and am working today on the long bag with the zipper down the front. I love them all and want to thank you for all your time invested in your tutorials and without any charge. You are a very special woman.


    I notice on all your bags your “coordinating” fabric matches fabric in the placemat exactly. Is there somewhere to purchase PW fabric?

  4. Sharon Cooper says:

    I just recently starting following you. The first time was on YouTube. I think you are fabulous. Your tutorials are very easy to follow and I love your voice. You are very easy to listen to unlike some of the other sewing instructors. I also love what you have on Pinterest. Thank you for all you do for us passionate sewers and crafters!!!!

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