Cricut Joy – Quilt Card (Sewing on Paper)


I love a beautiful quilt.  Quilt blocks are so interesting to look at and I so wish that I had both the time and the patience to create them more often.


But, unfortunately for me, I don’t have an abundance of either, so I found a fun way to incorporate quilt blocks in alternative ways.


What better way to show off the fun pattern of a quilt block than to use it make a card.  How cute would it be to send a quilter friend, a fun hello card made as if it were a quilt block?  Pretty cute, eh?


Have you ever considered sewing on paper?  It’s actually the very first way I learned to sew.  I have been sewing on paper for years and I love the way it looks. It is super easy and I have never had a problem with using my sewing machine on cardstock. (Just be sure to put in a fresh needle when you’re done).

This is the first of several fun projects to come using quilt blocks.  I am collaborating with Jess from OklaRoots with her Block Party (Block of the month).  I am going to come up with creative ways to use the quilt blocks that she has designed.

Are you ready for the tutorial?  Here you go!

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