How to make a Planner Pouch


Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by! I had a few requests over in my Craft Crazy Facebook Group to create a tutorial for a planner pouch.  I grabbed my planner and got busy creating what I felt was a perfect size, but you can easily adapt it to fit your planner.


I think it’s super practical and not just for planners.  Journal writers, students and list makers would also enjoy a pouch.  Keeping all of your planner stickers, writing utensils, clips, erasers, etc. with your notebook has never been easier, or prettier.


This is a beginner sewing friendly tutorial. Don’t let the zipper scare you, I am going to walk you through it step by step… it’s easier than you think!

I would love it if you would tag me on social media when you make theplanner pouch.  You can find me by clicking here 

If you have a Cricut, I have a Design Space file so you can let the Maker cut the fabric and interfacing for you.  CLICK HERE FOR THE DESIGN SPACE FILE.

Are you ready to get started?  Here’s the tutorial:

One thought on “How to make a Planner Pouch

  1. LG1932 says:

    I have just found your site. The first video I watched of yours was the Doggie Waste bag. You have an amazing talent for creativity.

    Lorrie can you tell me what size of lobster clasp you are using for the Doggie bags? So far I am only finding very small ones. I am sure they are too small. I may need to order the correct size and want to be sure I buy the correct ones. Shipping I am sure will cost more than the lobster clasp.

    Keep up the great work, I will be back to check out your site some more.

    Thanks and stay well.

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