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Hello there.  Doug asked me to make a couple of face mask to have on hand in the event that we need them.  I posted them in my Facebook Groups and immediately had a ton of requests to make a tutorial.  I am posting the tutorial of these masks with the disclaimer, I followed THIS PDF tutorial which was recommended by a hospital.  I do not know the exact effectiveness of the face mask, but I do know, it provides an added layer of protection.

I have also provide a Cricut Design Space file for those of you who have a Cricut Maker.

You can find the Cricut Design Space ADULT Size File by Clicking HERE. You can find the Cricut Design Space CHILD by Clicking Here.

For those who do not have a die cutting machine, you don’t need one.  This is two simple rectangles that can easily be cut by hand.

Please do your research. This is not a protection from the Corona VIrus. This is simply an added barrier between you and the outside world. Visit the CDC website for the best way to protect yourself from the Virus.


Here is the Tutorial:


5 thoughts on “How to make a face mask

  1. Kathey Infinger says:

    The link for the fask mask pattern in design space does not work at least on my end and
    i have tried it yesterday and today.

  2. Teralyn Dawley says:

    Hi Lorrie I would like to purchase the template and instructions for the face masks. I am a healthcare worker and these are adorable. We are running into a shortage of masks and if I can make some for us in the office we can save a few each day. Thanks So Much Lorrie. Let me know if this is possible and the charge. Have a Blessed day
    Teralyn Dawley

  3. Bette Daoust says:

    These face masks look perfect for what I need today! (all the face masks in the stores here are sold old, so making one is the only option). I love the design, it seems like this will be easy to put together. Thank you ever so much for this post.

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