Placemat Pouch Version 3

Hello and welcome!  Today I have ANOTHER placemat project for you.  These placemat projects have had an enormous following and I could not be happier about it.  They are so quick and easy to put together and the hard part (the quilting) is already done for you!

Placemat Bag Part 2-2

Today, we are making this upright version.  This could be perfect for a make up bag, a lunch bag, an “essentials” travel bag or even just a cute tote or pouch for storage.

Placemat Bag Part 2-3

The boxy shape and raised zipper make it extra roomy and easy to get in.

Placemat Bag Part 2-3-2

I lined this one with Thermoweb Iron On Vinyl which gives the inside a wipeable, waterproof lining.  The handle uses Thermoweb Extra Firm Fusible Interfacing to give it extra sturdiness and durability. IMPORTANT NOTE: handle interfacing should be cut to 2″ x 14″, not 4″ x 14″ as stated in video. All of the correct measurements are in the video description.

Placemat Bag Part 2-1-2

I think these are a fun edition to the Placemat Zipper Pouch (Version 1), the placemat wallet, the placemat basket and the placemat square pouch (Pictured below).

Ready for the tutorial (you knew I had one ready for you!):

13 thoughts on “Placemat Pouch Version 3

  1. Lori R says:

    Are there any written tutorials for your bags. I don’t have the ability to have a computer down in my sewing room when I make these.

  2. Anna Hester says:

    Can I download the video onto a usb stick so I can put it my small notebook computer that I have right by my embroidery machine? Love the tote or purse. Just need to get the interfacing g and vinyl.

  3. Doris Rives says:

    Love this and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I fyou were to put Monograms on it, at what step would you do it? Also how far below the zipper would you place the Monogram? TY!

  4. Jeanne Yvonne Bolger says:

    Really like this, Lori! Made 4 of your zippered pouches using placemats. My daughters and granddaughters all wanted some but they wanted fabrics of their choice so I was thankful for your explicit tutorial to get me started. Had to use Warm and Natural and a lining and then quilt them and bind the tops with 1’4″ bias tape to just get started….ended up making 13 like this! So, needless to say, I’m going to make the new makeup bag but I’m not going to show it to anyone!

  5. Dorothy Parker says:

    Hi Lorrie, love all your videos but I have a question regarding the iron on vinyl you use for the inside of the zippered pouch w/handle (Pioneer Woman place mat). I have a Cricut Maker and would like to make these bags for Christmas gifts and want to add a monogram to each with iron on vinyl. Question…will the Easy Press (hotter than an regular iron) on the outside of the pouch harm (melt) the vinyl on the inside? Thank you and look forward to more videos and your comment.

  6. Michelle says:

    What drew me to your bag was the fabric. I love it. I wanted to try making this and was ready to buy any placemat to just try this. Lo and behold – I was in Walmart and spotted that VERY placemat! I was so excited at the register and knew my next project. This afternoon I made the bag with your beautiful fabric choice. I’m still flying high from finishing the project and the fabric choice from you that I fell in love with. Your video was so clear and it was fun making this bag. Thank you so much.

  7. Meshel says:

    I just bought the Cricut Maker. There you are with a tutorial! So Ms very crafty lady – I recognized your voice and had to check the name. On both crafts (sewing and now Cricut) I find your tutorials are very clear and so informational. What’s next?

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