Clear Vinyl Bags! So Fun!!


You guys!  I have been laying in bed at night dreaming of vinyl bags!  I am having so much fun working with this clear vinyl.  I have an entire series coming up with lots of fun ideas and ways to use it.

Clear Vinyl Bags

Today, we are going to start with this very basic simple pouch.  I think it is super cute and I can think of a million uses.

I used the Cricut to add a bit of fun personalization and I think it takes the cuteness factor over the top!

Find out everything you need to know to create your own in my YouTube tutorial here:

2 thoughts on “Clear Vinyl Bags! So Fun!!

  1. jennifer says:

    Love this! thanks so much!
    by any chance do you have this tutorial written out somewhere so I can have it when I try this out on my own please? I am not a great sewer do you have any other suggestions how to do this without sewing?Maybe hot glue or something?Lastly what color thread do you use? (id I actually want to attempt this exactly the way you do it.. Thanks so much! You’re awesome!

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